The Start of Something New | Motivational Monday


Hello! Today marks the first post of my 'motivational monday' series. I've seen popular blogs such as Sprinkle of Glitter and Move Nourish Believe participate in this series and I absolutely love the idea. For a lot of people, myself included, Monday's are basically the start of stress and the inability to sleep in, so a little motivation at the beginning of the week adds a little bit of excitement for the week ahead. I can't promise I will be able to write a post every single week, but I'll try my best.

And yes, I do realise that the title of today's post is a High School Musical reference, and I love it.

No matter who we are, where we live, or any other different factors that differentiate a person, at some point in our lives we will experience something new. Whether it's a new school, new job, moving new houses, the list could literally go on forever, you've all experienced it. Now for different people, the thought of starting something new is different. There are some people who are just so open and comfortable with starting new things who simply fit right in. But for others, like myself, it's quite a struggle, having to deal with a new situation and social surroundings. And that's perfectly fine! There's nothing wrong with it! I've learnt to realise that no matter who you are, you will get nervous.

You might enter the room feeling anxious that people won't enjoy your company, and you look around feeling alone because everyone else looks really layed back and relaxed. Well, I'm sure that the majority of people are experiencing the same as you. As impossible as it sounds, you just have to learn to embrace and appreciate feeling nervous and anxious because we're humans. Feeling nervous is absolutely natural and normal.

Although, I understand times when feeling nervous does get a bit out of control. Struggling to breathe, extreme redness of the face and stuttering when talking are all common symptoms of feeling nervous.

What do I do in these situations?
  • Find a space where I can temporarily escape the situation such as the bathroom or just step out of the room. 
  • Close my eyes. 
  • Take a few deep breathes to calm my heart rate and just clear my mind. 
  • Splash a bit of cold water onto my face and neck.
  • Link about the logic behind it. Things like 'your heart is just pumping more blood around your body' and 'everyone's feeling the same way,' might sound stupid but by altering my way of thinking, my stress levels to decrease. 
I hope that today's post helped you out in any sort of way. Be sure to leave any future Motivational Monday requests and suggestions below. 

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