What To Do When You're Feeling Friendless


I'm writing this post out of a sudden urge because I suddenly feel all the emotions coming to my mind and well, blogging when I'm feeling down is something that I find quite comforting. High school is a scary place. It may not be exactly how it is in movies, but at times it can really cause your emotional and self esteem level to drop drastically. Rumours, back stabbing, fake friends, the list goes on. Ever since entering high school, I occasionally get an extreme feeling of loneliness where I doubt everyone around me and well, it sucks. But after experiencing them so occasionally, I have accumulated a few tips when these feelings arouse that provides myself with a tad bit of comfort.

Switch off Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc these are places where people share their experiences and thoughts. But one photo doesn't sum up ones relationship. One tag doesn't strengthen ones relationship. It all just doesn't work like that. By turning off all social media, the pressure of being 'popular' and noticed doesn't at all seem important, because after leaving school, this all doesn't matter. I'm not saying having friends isn't important, because it definitely is. But having one close friend is better than having a group of fake friends.

Absorb Yourself Into Another World
Forget about your life, your problems and your unanswered questions. I do this by escaping reality. How? Reading a book, watching a TV show or listening to your favourite podcast. Everyone has their 'thing' that they like to read/watch/listen to whenever things aren't going their way.

Sometimes when you tell sit yourself at a desk and tell yourself "okay, time to study," it just doesn't happen. Your mind is still thinking about all the more entertaining this you can do. But if you're a competitive person, like me, than studying now may be the perfect opportunity. I know that this may not be the case for everyone, but I'm just sharing my personal tips. Whenever I'm feeling friendless, I unintentionally compare myself with other people and when it comes to studying, having a little competition really motivates you to push yourself a lot harder.

Every time I feel upset, all these thoughts come rushing into my head whether its emotions, tips or just ideas and I never realise how must content is produced in my mind.  Ever since starting my own blog, I carry a notebook and pencil nearly everywhere I go, to jot my ideas down because a sudden idea in my head can easily be forgotten. And sometimes writing out your emotions, like what I'm doing on this blog post, can really elevate your feelings. Leaving me feeling more content, satisfied and productive than before.

Do you experience these feelings? How do you deal with them?

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  1. yes! I can totally feel you! Sometimes people can be cruel in school... I try to stay away frome thos kind of people and surround myself with people that accept me for who I am!
    Lovely post! I enjoy your blog!

    xx, Miriam


    1. Thank you, that's great advice. I try to keep those thoughts in my mind as well.