My name is Monica. I'm a typical girl from Sydney who escapes the realm of high school via this blog.

'Kalenco' is where I share projects, stories, tips and interests, aspiring to reach out and inspire you to love the little bits of life. I genuinely hope that my small corner of the internet is capable of providing an inspiring and joyous place for you to return to.

My Personal Story 

Ever since I was young, I was always the girl who had big thoughts and plans but didn't believe in them because of the thought of disapproval judgements from surrounding people. I never spoke up for myself, in fear of receiving harsh comments. By the time I reached high school, I had already gone through a difficult period filled with depression, anxiety and numerous body image issues. I can't say that I these issues don't occasionally revisit me, but I have learnt to deal with them in a more suitable manner. I started this website in the hope of escaping all people around me and just being able to express my true opinions and interest without the fear of confrontation.

Photography will probably be present in the majority of my blog posts, as it is something that I love with a passion. I'm often found awake in the early mornings of the day, sat on my computer, editing a mass of photos. Not because it's compulsory, but because I love it. I regularly post snaps of my life on Instagram and yield to the lives of many others.

Besides being a total photographic obsessive, I have always indulged in numerous beauty, fashion and lifestyle related blogs, where I find inspiration and discoveries that I experiment with in life.

Hopefully you've learnt a bit about me and my blog, and I will continue to share stories of my life through this blog.

Thank You, Monica