In Need of a Makeover


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Recently, I've been particularly interested with interior design, as I feel like my current home is quite bland and plain. Every time I go onto Pinterest I see amazing designs that inspire me to insert more colour into my everyday life. 

A combination of wall art, a radiance of colours and open shelving always lightens up the plainest rooms. I feel that if you surround yourself with joy and colour, it will reflect onto your personality and motivate you to work a little harder. 

Moving out is a long ways away for me, but I love the company of my family. The thing about living with family is that you are able to decorate your room however way you want to, without having to stress about the rest of your house. Even so, adding little touches around the house always manages to create a more inspiring atmosphere. 

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  1. i love the craft room one!! i dream of a craft room like that!