Travel With Me: Basic Essentials


Packing a well prepared bag can make your flight and travel adventures a whole lot better. This is the first of many blog post in my 'travel with me' series where I basically show you all my essentials for a great trip. Today, I am showing you my basic products that I pack in my carry on back, to maintain ensure a lovely trip. 

Makeup Bag: The bag that I'm using is from Estee Lauder however it may have been in a limited gift set. This bag is perfect in size and is able to fit well in my carry on bag. Having a makeup bag of the perfect size is a must as it ensures a clean and organised bag, so you don't find yourself constantly fumbling through your bag whilst on your trip (I'm sure you can all relate.)

Moisturiser: Moisturiser has got to be my most important skin care product whilst on a flight, as flying tends to produce dried out skin with no hydration. I always prefer to bring a moisturiser for dry skin as it packs in more moisture into the skin. Here I'm using a travel sized Rosken Dry Skin Cream. 

Lip Balm: Lip Balm is another one of my saviours when traveling, as I always tend to forget about my lips. Also, when visiting a place of high temperature the lips are also at risk of sunburn, so bringing a lip balm with SPF in it, is a bonus. I've been loving the Nivea Repair & Protection with SPF of 

Lip Gloss: Another one of my favourite products for looking freshened up after a long flight, is lip gloss. Lip gloss adds shine and depicts fuller lips which brightens up the face. Estee Lauder's Pure Colour Lip Gloss Shimmer in Impulsive Coral (20) is my current favourite because, well, I just love the colour. It's a gorgeous coral pink colour with beautifully designed packaging. 

BB Cream: I generally travel makeup free, but I at least want to seem presentable if I'm meeting up with someone after arrival. That's where BB cream comes in. BB Cream is seriously the most convenient makeup product as it basically combines foundation, concealer, primer all into one, and hydrates your skin at the same time. I mean how is this even possible. The Rimmel London 9 in 1 BB Cream in medium provides amazing coverage and  and is my to go to BB cream. Plus an extra amount of SPF can't do any harm.  

Perfume: I tend to collect sample products from magazines just so I can try them out whilst travelling. They are the perfect travel size and are good for testing a product before purchasing it. 

Nail Polish: Before travelling I always paint my nails with a new nail polish but I find that no matter how well I try to protect my nails they always end up chipping. So I always bring a bottle of nail polish to furnish up those chips. Lately I've been loving Sally Hansen's Lustre Shine in Azure 004. It's an amazing inky indigo colour which I have worn for days without any chipping.

Of course this isn't everything I bring, these are just the basic necessities and I change my products when I want to try new ones out.

Let me know what else you would like to see from this series. 

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