September Favourites 2014 | Beauty, Books, Music & Fashion


Nivea Irresistibly Smooth Body Lotion 

Though out the cooler months, this body lotion has kept my body nice and smooth. I love that this body lotion doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky and leaves a lovely scent, which does fade quite quickly after being absorbed into the skin. This has left my skin feeling moisturised and healthy looking for the whole of winter. This was definitely a worth purchase of only $3!

Yes to Carrots Colour Balm - Peachy Keen

My lips always tend to be dry and crackly, so for me, lip balm is always an essential. My favourite this month is the Yes to Carrots Colour Balm in Peachy Keen. This lip balm leaves a really subtle pinky shade and is quite moisturising for the lips.


I've heard so many people rave about the Frankie magazine via Instagram and Tumblr and I had never read until a few weeks ago. The photography of this magazine is absolutely divine and it's basically a collection of Instagram photo's. I enjoy reading this magazine while eating my breakfast in the morning and just before bed at night because I just find that the content of Frankie really calming.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

After being left on my shelf for a good old year, I've finally chosen to read this book. This book is a tragical, hilarious and incredibly moving book following the journey of a 9 year old boy as he searches for the opening of a key, belonging to his father whom had died during 9/11. I'm excited to see the movie featuring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullocks, as I always enjoy comparing my vision when reading the book with movies. What I love the most about this book is that is doesn't follow the rules of a basic novel, the layout and design is of its own nature, and I love it!

Denim Jacket

Throughout all of autumn and winter, this denim jacket has been my staple piece of clothing. I've pretty much been throwing this jacket on top of all my outfits to add warmth and a casual vibe. My autumn and winter wardrobe is composed of mostly dark colours, so this jacket adds a bit of extra colour and jazzes up every outfit.


The following Spotify playlist contains some of my favourite songs of this month:

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